36 months later…”Oba” opens up about the moment he said goodbye to Arsenal

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• Aubameyang plays with Arsenal. From January 2018 until January 2022, a total of 4 years.

• Was captain of Arsenal under Unai Emery and Mikel Arteta.

• Played a total of 163 games, scoring 92 goals and 21 assists with the “Cannons”

36 months later..."Oba" opens up about the moment he said goodbye to Arsenal

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (34 years old), striker of Olympique Marseille, gave an interview about his various stories recently on “ColinInterview”, a French-language YouTube channel. There are many interesting stories. One of them is the matter of a break with Arsenal during the 2021-2022 season that led to the cancellation of the contract. After just one season of his new £350,000-a-week contract,

The author of this article acted as a “translator” later. But I would like to insert some information from that time period to give a little introduction in each section. Let’s read it to “Recap” a little bit according to the information from that time period.

“Oba” got a day off to travel to France to visit his mother. and agreed to return on the same day. The mood is like going in the morning and returning in the evening. But in the end, Oba didn’t return that night. and chose to return the next morning.

During the situation at that time, there was still an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. This resulted in the issue of quarantine for people traveling across the country, with Aubameyang being quarantined after arriving in England. and thus he was unable to arrive in time for the Arsenal team’s practice. which took place late that day

Mikel Arteta cut him from the team. Banned from participating in the first team. Can only practice alone. Previously, “Oba” had previously been cut from the team. With the problem of discipline in not being on time and as team captain It’s no wonder he was severely punished. Because he is the team leader on the field.

Aubameyang that season His form dropped sharply, scoring four goals in 14 games in the Premier League before being frozen out and removed from the team. From such cases By moving to play with Barcelona on a free transfer in the January 2022 transfer market.

Aubameyang in this interview discussed many things from the beginning of his career. Until the current season where he performed well with Marseille, despite finishing empty-handed this season. At one point there was talk of his leaving the team with Arsenal. The club that made his reputation rise to the next level. with a transfer worth 63 million euros and has been identified as Arsene Wenger’s “last knight” who signed a contract to join Arsenal.

This is our first interview after nearly two and a half years.

“It is a time regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. And we’re playing in the ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app league. I think it was the game against Everton (December 6, 2021). My season wasn’t good at all. We are in a very bad situation. And before the game started, the coach (Mikel Arteta) told the team that whether the team lost or won the game, (That game ended in a 2-1 win for Everton. Aubameyang played the final 5 minutes of the game.) Everyone gets a day off. But if we go anywhere We must inform. And come back and get ready for the next game. Because health control regulations must be followed during the COVID-19 outbreak.”

“Several months ago. My mother had a stroke from the hot weather and because it was close to Christmas time. So I met with the coach and said, “Coach, I’m seeing you because I won’t be here. I would like to take my mother to England for the holidays.” He told me “no problem” because he knew what was going on with my mother. And he allowed me to go back and see my mother. He informed me that I needed to prepare everything and emphasized that I needed to check the documents required for traveling during COVID-19.”

“I went back to Laval (a city in France). and the birthplace of Aubameyang) which I normally return to during my free time. and came out in the evening instead of in the morning for the team’s practice day. But my mother has a checkup appointment. As a result, I was unable to return that evening. So I went back the next morning for practice instead. When I arrived [in England], I had to undergo a Covid test. Ideally, I should have it done a day before I fly back.

I came back to the team. The coach has a meeting and everything is over. He came to talk to me and it made me cry. He shouted insults to my face like a crazy person. He told me, “You stabbed me in the back with a knife. How can I do this in the times we are facing? (The underperforming team was in the middle of the table during that period.)” I told myself that I wouldn’t say anything. Because it will get to the point where we have to fight.”

“I didn’t go to the party. He himself knows why I went abroad. I couldn’t understand why he was treating me like that. I went home and the team doctor called after me. I was informed that the coach (Arteta) didn’t want to see my face. I replied that it was OK. I know the next game will have something to do with it. I told myself that everyone must be talking about this. It will become a big deal. And what happened was so crazy. I don’t understand this at all. One day has passed The team doctor came and told me that “He doesn’t want me in the first team anymore,” but I can still come to the training ground. You can practice in separate groups as usual. I agreed to that.”

“Later after that He called me directly. We sat and talked. He talked about releasing me from the captaincy position. And another thing is that I will be able to come back and join in training with the team. He explained why he had to treat me the way I did at a critical time for the club. I have to be a good example. But I didn’t do that. I told him back that I accept that I am responsible for this. But the real reason for the late return I think he should understand. If he had humanity He probably understood my decision at that time. (Flying back later than scheduled) After that, everything between us ended. I stayed with Arsenal for another month or so, doing personal training. and wait until the break (January trading market)”

Aubameyang left Arsenal in the final days of the transfer window, with Arsenal heavily linked with Dusan Vlahovic and Alexander Isak as replacements for his departure. Finally, Arsenal Didn’t sign anyone in the January transfer market. The team finished 5th in the Premier League that season.