Didn’t survive! FA charges Mitrovic and Silva for penalties

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The FA has charged Aleksandar Mitrovic, Marko Silva and Fulham for the red card incident in their 3-1 quarter-final defeat by Manchester United. FA Cup, especially the Serbian striker Probably banned for more than 3 matches

Fulham striker Aleksandar Mitrovic is facing a lengthy ban after the English Football Association ( FA) alleged that violent and inappropriate behavior. After dissatisfied with the referee who held up a red card. Willian sent him off the pitch to the point of hitting him and pointing out that the penalty. For being sent off in the 3-1 defeat to Manchester United was not enough. Therefore, additional penalties must be added.

Didn't survive! FA charges Mitrovic and Silva for penalties

FA Cup Round of 8 teams on Sunday, March 19th. The Serbian center shot for the little magnate took the lead in the 50th minute. But he had to be fired in the 72nd minute due to an emotional outburst at Chris Kavanagh. The referee raised a red card for brazilian football From the handball moment that blocked Jadon Sancho ‘s shot to the point of using his arm to hit him. Until another red card was sent out of the field As a result. The UFABET team was left with 9 people and was  overcome by the Red Devils .

The FA said : “The standard penalty applied to Aleksandar Mitrovic for the act of violence he committed against a referee was clearly insufficient . Aleksandar Mitrović has also been accused of being inappropriate and/or insulting. and/or intimidated after he or she was fired.” 

Typically, a player is suspended for three matches following a direct red card for violent conduct. But the ban can be extended depending on the situation. Paolo Di Canio was previously banned for 11 games in 1998 for pushing referee Paul Alcock in a Premier League game. He played for Sheffield Wednesday against Arsenal.

Manager Marco Silva has also been charged with abusive words and behavior towards referees. After yelling at Kavanaugh during a visit to VAR, as well as misconduct for throwing a water bottle at the assistant referee, the club were also charged with additional charges for failing to control players during the game. Games at Old Trafford