Fiorentina disappointed two years in a row! Olympiacos wins the UEFA Europa Conference League

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  • Olympiakos defeated Fiorentina 1-0 in extra time in the UEFA Europa Conference League. final round
  • Purple Army Mahakan Missed this championship two years in a row. After last season losing to West Ham in the final.
  • Famous team from Greece Won the European Championship as the first team in the nation’s history.
Fiorentina disappointed two years in a row! Olympiacos wins the UEFA Europa Conference League

Olympiacos wins the UEFA Europa Conference League came to dominate after narrowly defeating Fiorentina in extra time 1-0.

In this game, it must be said that overall the team from Italy was slightly better at controlling the ball and attacking as well as finding opportunities to finish. But in the end, each side emphasized tightness, resulting in a 0-0 draw until the end of 90 minutes and having to continue dueling in extra time.

Both still tried to play rashly in extra time, but in the 116th minute. Santiago Hesse launched a win-win ball into the left-hand penalty area before Ayub El Kabi swooped in and headed. Almost went in, but VAR took a long time to check. Because the standing lines in the opening moment were almost the same. Before the final goal was given to Olympiakos and was the winning goal, sending them to win the championship successfully.

This is considered a championship win in their home country. Because the OPAP Arena stadium used as the arena for the game is located in Athens, Greece. And it is the first ยูฟ่าเบท team in the nation’s history to lift the European Cup after Panathinaikos had made it as far as reaching the European Cup finals, but lost.

While the Muang Mahakan Army Who entered this competition two years in a row and were disappointed for the second time after last year they just scored the winning goal at the end of the game against West Ham, winning runner-up for two seasons in a row in this small European football cup.