‘Mane’ has no plans to leave the ‘South Tiger’ army, still determined to show his pace next season

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Sport Bild reporter insists Sadio Mane wants to prove his performance at Bayern Munich and does not want to move to another club this summer. Ready to inform the agency that he will return to practice during the pre-season

Christian Falk, a famous journalist from Sport Bild, reports that Bayern Munich winger Sadio Mane does not want to join any club this summer. and has informed the agency. He will return to report for pre-season pre-season training. Ready to show the determination to help the team so that Thomas Tuchel, the team manager, can see his value.

'Mane' has no plans to leave the 'South Tiger' army, still determined to show his pace next season

The 31-year-old star moved from Liverpool to join South Tiger last summer. But his form was not as good as expected. together with having problems with knee injuries Made 38 appearances on the field, including 12 goals in all competitions. Importantly, there was also a fight with Leroy Sane. A teammate, causing the agency to be dissatisfied with his behavior and may be released from the club this summer.

Recently, a famous news hawk in the beer city league stated that  Mane wanted to stay in football with Bayern Munich and he had already informed the club. Will come to report for pre-season training Which will start on July 13. Where he still hopes to prove his pace to Tuchel and trust him to send him into the starting lineup next season

Meanwhile, the report also states that Tuchel has been a huge fan of Mane since his time as Chelsea manager , which could help ease the situation. If referred to return to form as well as when he was with the Reds , unlike when Julian Nagelsmann. A former boss who was not very fond of. The offensive line of the Senegal national team. How much until the news came out that the pair did not agree 

Previously, Newcastle United were the favorites to get Mane to join the army if he decided to leave. Bavaria’s famous team The possibility is still there as well, although the latest players do not want to move out of the Bayern Munich team , but if the club still insists on not wanting to keep it. The best way is Need to find a new https://ufabet999.com club to play It may be a form of loan.