Sir Ratcliffe insists it’s not foolish to pay too much for Red Devils

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Britain’s richest man told reporters that will not show foolishness by throwing thoughtless purchases The latter is one of those interested in wanting to take over Manchester United after the Glazer family competing with the Qatari capital group.

British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe confirmed that He wouldn’t be foolish for taking over Manchester United if it was too expensive. Because he will regret it later, but is confident that it will be a real victory if he comes into administration Because this UFABET club will be the property of the community. After having a preliminary negotiation on Friday the past.

Sir Ratcliffe insists it's not foolish to pay too much for Red Devils

The number one magnate in the land of good The owner of the French Ligue 1 club Nice and the owner of the chemical company Ineos partner with Formula One team Mercedes, recently completed a visit and talks with executives.  United ‘s high profile on the club’s purchase comes a day after a Qatari venture led by Sheikh Yassim bin Hamad Al Thani recently entered talks. last Thursday

According to the report, Glazer family Set the selling price of the team at 6 billion pounds, or about 240,000 million baht, along with the need to improve the Old Trafford stadium, which may cost more than 2 billion pounds, or about 80,000 million baht again. In an interview with Wall Street, Gerald, the 70-year-old Red Devils fan, commented on the amount of money needed to take over.

” How do you determine the price of a painting? How do you price a house? It doesn’t matter how much it costs to build or how much it costs to paint. What you don’t want to do is pay a stupid price. for things Because you’ll regret it later. His interest in United will be a real triumph. And this club will be a community property.”

Previously, Sir Ratcliffe had tried to approach him to buy a business in Old Trafford, but was always rejected. However, after managing the Red Devils for 17 years, the American owner Was willing to sell the team last November, so Sir Ratcliffe had the opportunity to make his dream come true. But must compete with the Qatari capital group that has a huge amount of money as well