So where did poker come from?

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Until now, there was no clear conclusion on where poker really came from because there were many legends. Some say it’s from China since the 900s along with other casino games. Some say it’s probably from the German Poshspiel. Ganjifa of India, but one thing that is agreed on is that Poker is a card game that has been adapted from other card games until it has a unique identity until today.

Among almost all card games, most of the games we will use playing formulas in conjunction with money walking formulas to win. plus a little bit more But that does not apply to poker ( Poker), and most importantly, this type of card is so popular that there is a global debate about whether it is gambling or not. And if not, why is it available to play in live

So where did poker come from?

Poker is a sport or gambling?

Another controversy to this day is that poker. Is it a gamble? Because playing this UFABET type of cards is different from other cards that require other skills to play with. Whether it’s psychology probability proficiency in playing Which is more complicated than other games that just place bets, measure cards, and finish

There are also people who say that poker is a sport because they can make money from it. also see it as an investment Nowadays, poker is so popular that ESPN is willing to pay for the rights to broadcast the tournament.