5 ways you shouldn’t miss Reduces muscle pain after exercise. Works best.

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Muscle aches and pains are more likely to occur after exercising. So for the girls who likes to exercise But there is often muscle pain. Today we will invite you to know 5 ways to help reduce muscle pain after exercising. Let’s see what each method must do.

5 ways you shouldn't miss Reduces muscle pain after exercise. Works best.

1. Drink enough water.
Drinking enough water to meet the body’s needs is It is considered a good way to help the body avoid muscle pain after exercise. which when the human body receives sufficient amounts of water It will help the cells get more water. and results in the body receiving more oxygen That helps reduce muscle aches after exercising quite well. However, drinking enough water It should be accompanied by adequate rest as well. This will help the muscles to return to normal quickly.

2. Drink fresh fruit juice.
Fresh fruit juice or mineral water that can provide energy to the body. It helps reduce muscle pain after exercising quite well. Or girls can choose to eat white bread or bananas, which can help reduce such symptoms as well. Because these foods are rich in nutrients that the โปรโมชั่น ufabet body needs. It is also a nutrient that is often used during exercise.

3. Stretch the muscles
Stretching your muscles before and after you’ve finished exercising. Classified as a warm-up and cool-down that helps reduce muscle soreness just as much as drinking enough water as well. Stretching the muscles will help the muscles be ready to exercise. It also helps reduce stress within the muscles.

4. Relieve symptoms with gentle massage.
Massage is also a good way to reduce muscle pain after exercise. But you should massage only gently. Do not massage with excessive force. Because it will cause the muscles to become more severely bruised than before. In addition, if girls Have muscle pain after exercising Be careful when massaging the area of ​​pain. But it is recommended to massage nearby areas instead. In order to prevent impact on the muscles that are in the repair phase.

5. Rest your muscles for at least 48 hours.
In addition to the 4 methods above, Resting your muscles for at least 48 hours is also considered to help reduce muscle soreness after exercise. Resting the muscles allows the muscles to fully repair. Within 48 hours after having muscle pain, it is recommended that girls rest and do not use the muscles. Let your muscles rest. To prevent the muscles from being affected and to prevent the muscle repair process from being disturbed.

For girls who often have muscle pain after exercising. Never force yourself to continue using your muscles after experiencing pain. Because that may cause the muscles to become more inflamed or injured. Until it is difficult to heal quickly