Wrong Diet Theory

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Wrong Diet Theory Is it better to exercise in the morning than in the evening? Should I run or lift weights first? Muscle pain from exercise, should I stop playing or repeat? All these questions are answered with research results confirmed by experts. Including new information about eating to maintain a beautiful figure that is contrary to old beliefs.

Wrong Diet Theory

Elliptical machine or treadmill, which is better?

The belief is that an elliptical machine (Elliptical) is better than a treadmill in that it reduces the impact force sent to the lower joints of the body and also allows you to exercise your upper body at the same time, making it possible to… How to burn calories safely, explains Deborah McConnell, Global Master Trainer from Life Fitness Academy in the United States. “If your objective is to burn calories and build stronger heart muscle, A treadmill will be a better answer. Because the constantly moving belt forces our body to exercise continuously. On an elliptical, we tend to exert less effort when we start to get tired. Except if there is a problem with the joints in the lower part of the body. An elliptical exercise machine is safer.” However, you should alternate between the two exercise machines from time to time.

Is it better to exercise in the morning or in the evening?

According to research from the Department of Health, Leisure and Exercise Science at Appalachian State University, North Carolina, in the United States, both periods are good, whichever. What is our purpose? “If you exercise for overall health Exercising in the morning will help us sleep deeper at night. As a result, the body is better able to repair itself while we sleep,” said Dr. Scott Collier, head of research from the university. 

As for exercising – exercising in the evening will help build muscles and train the body’s endurance better because “in the evening, the temperature of our core body (Core Body) will increase. Plus, the energy from the food we eat throughout the day allows. Us to exercise longer and harder than in the morning,” explains Dr. Shawn M. Arent, director of the IFNH Center for Health and Human Performance at Rutgers University, New Jersey. However, Dr. Shawn recommends that we choose the time that is most convenient for us so as not to force the ทางเข้า ufabet body too much.

Muscle pain after exercise Should I stop playing?

Some people say to take breaks to reduce injury. Some people say that the more it hurts, the more repetitions you need to do to build muscle. Dr. Pat Davidson, director of exercise theory at Peak Performance, a fitness studio in New York, came to answer this question: “Exercising while you still feel muscle pain will help your muscles. Get rid of pain faster But you must avoid poses that put stress on muscles that are already painful because they run the risk of injury. 

And if you feel muscle pain from lifting weights or doing CrossFit? The next day, switch to light cardio such as jogging or yoga to stretch and help oxygen and nutrients in the blood flow to the muscles better, helping to heal muscle injuries. However, you should give your body a break 1-2 days a week to prevent symptoms of overtraining or the body being stressed from exercising too much.

Can you use the same stretching exercises before and after exercising?

Recently, research from Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas, published in The New York Times Magazine, found that static stretching is not suitable before exercise. Because it causes muscle tension to decrease, causing us to get tired more easily while exercising. Plus, it doesn’t help reduce or prevent pain from exercising. The correct way is to do dynamic stretching before exercising, such as rotating your arms, rotating your shoulders, flicking your wrists and feet. Combine with exercises to warm up, such as jumping jacks or jogging in place. After exercising, do stretching and holding poses to reduce muscle tension and reduce muscle soreness the next day.