World class coach Take an economy class plane back home

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surprise! Antonio Conte, “Golden Spurs” coach, surprises football fans. After being found alive On an economy class plane traveling from England back to Italy. According to Conte’s recent status, waiting for the agency to decide the future whether to continue the team or not?

from the news stream team board “Golden Spur Chicken” Tottenham Hotspur. A famous club in the English Premier League football. Began to be dissatisfied with the performance of Italian manager Antonio Conte, with the last match drawing Southampton 3. -3. Which after the game, Conte expressed dissatisfaction with the UFABET team members. Including also referring to the team management board. Until there were rumors that he would be fired from his position soon

World class coach Take an economy class plane back home

Recently, a football fan met Antonio Conte in a public place, face-to-face. after the fans see Experienced consultants flying in economy class Returned to Italy, his hometown, where the said football fan took a video clip. While on a Ryan Air plane, which netizens have posted a message jokingly saying “This is 15 million pounds a year. He even flew with Ryanair.”

For Ryan Air, it is a cheap economy class airline with a fare from London to Turin, Italy, at 50 pounds, or approximately 2,070 baht in Thai currency. A world-class coach like Conte is sitting on an economy class plane like this.

The future of Antonio Conte is still uncertain as to managing the army. “Golden Spikes Chicken” next or not, although the team is ranked 4th in the Premier League table. which is a quota for UEFA Champions League, but with the performance of the last 5 matches, only winning one game He also gave an interview to the player severely. and referring to the club’s board of directors in a damaged way Causing us to continue to see whether they will be discharged or not